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All You Need to Know About Fall Protection Systems

Good fall arrest system is paramount to any facility contrary to the “lazy” opinion of some of the facility supervisors and employees that it can negatively affect the overall productivity of the workers; there is no need to compromise safety in your facility because of the short term efficiency. What is prudent whenever you are installing fall arrest system is proper planning that will make it conceivable to achieve the twin goals of enhancing productivity and heightening safety.

Out of this, it is sage to partner with a fall protection manufacturer who is very conversant with unique nature of various fall protection hazards, cost effective safety solutions that see to it that workers safety, as well as OSHA compliance, are achieved without affecting productivity. Ideally, partner with a fall arrest manufacturer with various fall protection systems like roof fall protection systems, guard rails, rigid track fall protection kits and any customized system that may be required to meet the safety need of your facility.

Remember, according to OSHA general industry regulation, you should provide reliable fall arrest system to workers working 4 feet and above; this includes the top of your facility roof. Failing to safeguard the roof edges is not in anyway safe to your workers and company because it can cause serious injuries and even death. These are the type of falls that lead to various occupational injuries and fatalities and costly financial losses. In fact if you are savvy enough, you cannot compare the one time cost of fall system with the huge costs that come with OSHA fines, legal fees, and workman compensation premiums. The liability attorneys normally pursue personal injury cases on contingency basis for your employees meaning that they can seek still hire the best attorneys regardless of their financial status; on the contrary, you will have to pay dearly to have a lawyer handle your series of fall cases.

To choose the right fall arrest system for your facility you have to evaluate your worker’s safety needs. Out of this, it is wise to partner with adept fall arrest solution experts to guide you on the best fall safety solution that can either work horizontally, vertically or along overhead. It can either be a temporary for a single-off activity or a permanent fall arrest solution to meet your regular safety needs. The key to this versatility depends on the manufacturer’s unique innovative skills in understanding the load control. Notwithstanding the height of the facility, the weight of both the worker or the load weight, the ideal fall arrest system should always withstand any safety demand.

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