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Why You Should Use Aluminum Windows and Doors

Aluminum windows and doors have evidently increased in popularity in recent decades. And for so long, there was this wrong perception that aluminum window and door frames could only be ordered in silver, with hardwood sub-frames .

But times are different.

Thermal Excellence

High-performance aluminum windows and doors can meet or even surpass energy efficiency standards. They can effortlessly improve heat gain and heat loss by 60%, beating pricier expensive timber and uPVC counterparts.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

In the usual gas-heated home, using aluminum double-glazed windows and doors offers CO2E equivalent savings of nearly three times of what is needed in aluminum frame production right within the initial year. Over the building’s whole lifetime, energy savings are greater than the initial energy input by at least one hundred times. For homes heated with electricity, as well as for cooling homes in warm climates, savings can go as high as more than 300 times.

Durability and Easy of Maintenance

The non-corrosive properties of aluminum make frames made from it resistant to the toughest weather and environmental conditions. In contrast to several many other materials, it is not likely to swell, warp, split or crack with the passing of time, which helps extend its lifespan. Aluminum may be used in its original state, or it could be anodized or painted for the purpose of protecting it or decorate it to make it more physically appealing.


Aluminum frames can be substantially less pricey compared to other framing options, offering a sturdy yet cost-effective window and door solution, and achieving excellent energy outcomes at the same time.


Because it comes with an extensive array of finishing options, aluminum windows and doors become so easy to match all kinds of decor. Powder coating lends a beautiful finish to aluminum frames, and after they are coated, they will not require any repainting. There are lots of colors to select from, along with a whole variety of pearl and metallic finishes.

Anodising treatment can give excellent corrosion resistance and many color options, and there’s also aluminum made in timber-looking finishes using very durable marine grade powder coatings.


Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates among other metals and is environmentally sustainable. Recycling of aluminum only uses five percent of the initial energy required in making it. This natural property separates it from other framing materials boosting its sustainability.

Speedy Payback

Payback time on high-performance aluminum windows and doors are normally way quicker than for other alternatives that offer no more than marginally improved performance at a cost that is so much more. These options can a long, long time to deliver a payback.

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